• Are You Ready to Unleash Your Purpose, Impact & Legacy?

• Are You Ready to Possess Souls, Soils & Spoils for the Kingdom?

• Are Your Ready to Activate Your Destiny and Make Your Mark for Eternity?

• Course overview

This course is Level 1 of the Kingdom Builders Intensive® Bootcamp. A one year and three part certificate program.

Certificate and commissioning will be granted ONLY to individuals who complete the program and deployment examinations and requirements.

A certificate of completion of training will be granted for each level of the course and assessment test that is completed,

OBJECTIVE: Obtain a Ministry & Kingdom Leadership Certificate by completing this course and Levels 2 & 3.

A. About this Course

Foundation laying is the first step to the building of any endeavor. Subsequently, in our attempts to fulfill our prophetic destiny as Kingdom Builders we MUST begin by laying the foundation.

The foundation laying stages is one or the most difficult, rigorous, intensive and important part of the building process. That is because the success of ANY endeavor lies squarely on its foundation. The stronger the foundation, the stronger the building. That is why the scriptures says in Psalm 11 v 3 that:

“If the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do”

This course is designed to help you master the top foundational and fundamental biblical principles, values and doctrines upon which the Kingdom of God is built.

Equipped with the fundamentals, participants will develop strong roots that cannot be easily shaken, sharpen their discernment that will make the false easily detectable and get prophetically aligned kingdom values that positions them for God blessings.

With this course you will have a practical guide to help you:

i. Acquire a biblical kingdom mindset towards ministry and leadership

ii. Get intentional and begin the process of building of your purpose; impact and legacy.

iii. Understand the values and principles by which God runs his kingdom.

iv. Uncover and shift your religious mindset.

v. Build a firm foundation and develop deep roots in Christ that is not easily shaken by storm (Matt 7 v 24 -27).

vi. Acquire the keys of the kingdom and unlock, activate and possess kingdom blessings.

B. Modules: 8

C. Languages: English

D. Format: Audio, Video and Written

E. Duration: Course is eight modules and are approximately 2-3hrs long. Each module takes approximately 2-3hours to complete. The total amount of time commitment to take this course, read bible passages, complete the exercises, assignments, and take the assessment is approximately 72 hours.

This course is closed for enrollment.