2022 ‘Passover is 2 Remember’

as it unlocks another MAJOR prophetic portal for the Body of Christ!

– Exd12&24, Isaiah44v1-28, Psalm 24v1-10, Genesis24v1-67 & Rev22v1-21

The Covenant Keeping Lion of The Tribe of Judah will ROAR and:

  • Destinies will be Unlocked, Unveiled & Unleashed
  • Enemies will be EXPOSED & DEFEATED
  • Covenant Blessings will be released and renewed
  • Grace will be overflow &
  • Unprecedented, Unusual and Uncommon Miracles will be the results


  • FAST: on 4/4/22 & 4/14/22 OR from 4/14-4/24/22
  • GIVE: Multiples of 444
  • PRAY: with us on 4/4/22 & 4/14/22 at 12am & 8pm EST

Join Bola for powerful PRAYER SHIFT sessions to tap into this monumental ‘OPEN HEAVENS’

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